Principles and Poetics of Engagement and Collaboration: an orientation

Strive to have an open mind, heart, and spirit

Be present, aware, and awake

Be intentional, grounded, authentic, and transparent about your role(s), goals, and mission: Getting “real”

Be curious and creative: unleash your imagination

Actively listen with empathy

Seed, encourage, and express trust, generosity, hospitality, and cooperation

Everyone is a teacher and learner

Everyone contains within them the seeds to make change

Everyone is sacred, divine, and holy, just as they are

Connect to people where they are – Context matters

Work together in solidarity …. really be a partner

All experiences are teachers …. particularly obstacles and difficult people

Pay attention to and learn from power, race, class, etc. issues, dynamics, and influences …& strive to be culturally appropriate and responsible

Uplift stories and examples of love, hospitality, generosity, solidarity, hope, healing, and restorative justice

Call out, disrupt, and correct injustice, hatred, greed, exploitation, and violence

Focus on what affirms and strengthens empowerment, resilience, creativity, wholeness, renewal, joy, vitality, flourishing, thriving, community, compassion, liberation, and what’s meaningful

Everything changes